MacProgramGuide supports scheduling recordings with Equinux's The Tube. Due to The Tubes applescript implementation this requires a few simple steps to setup before this feature is enabled.

MacProgramGuide uses applecript to schedule events with an application, it uses this method of communication with iCal, EyeTV and now The Tube. The Tube's Applescipt implementation requires that a new recordings channel be specified using The Tubes own internal channel ID. This channel ID is not the same as the channel number you tune on the TV or cable box. The channel ID can only be cross referenced to the channel name in The Tube. MacProgramGuide uses the actual station numbers for channels when scheduling recordings, so in order for it to work with The Tube its channel names need to be renamed with the station numbers that MacProgramGuide uses. When The Tube completes scanning for channels the channel names are a mix of default values and full and partial channel names as shown here:

The channel need to be renamed using the format N - Name where N is the channel number in MacProgramGuide. The following images show channels in MacProgramGuide and the corresponding renamed channels in The Tube.

Note that the remaned channels begin with the channel numberfollowed by a space then a hyphen, after that the name can be anything.

Finally, in MacProgramGuides Preferences, select "The Tube" in the general preferences Tab.

When MacProgramGuide schedules a recording it searches for the channel number in all the channel names to determine the correct channel to schedule the recording. If your having difficulties with MacProgramGuide scheduling recordings on the correct channel, verify the channels follow the naming format specified above.